Doctor & Nursing Care

Our team is dedicated to care of patients in the comfort of their own homes, hotel rooms or offices. Our services are specially targeted at patients of all ages, from newborn to the elderly, to obtain professional and compassionate health services in the comfort of home or hotel. Salwaty Home healthcare services are in demand by people who are bed-bound, home-bound, wheelchair-bound and/or need assistance in daily living activities.

Our objective is to increase our patients’ length and quality of life. Our medical team will help with social adaptation, which is very important and vital for such category of the patients. Also, we can help the patient’s family and caregivers to adapt and to give maximum specialized help and rehabilitation support.

  • Care for General and Medical cases
  • Obtaining and monitoring of vital signs
  • Medication management, administration, and treatments-oral, IM, SC, ID, tubes and Anal.
  • Diabetic care- injection of insulin if required
  • Wound care/ dressing change
  • Tube feedings/care through NGT, OGT and PEG tube
  • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
  • Pulmonary care
  • Maintaining an infection control free into patients and patient’s premises recreational activities, if needed

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