Mother & Baby Care

After the enlivening birthing process, several new mothers fall into postpartum depression. Emotional support and massage might help the mother recover and enjoy her motherhood. Post-operative and after delivery care is very important for the new mother to make a full recovery. So if you are looking for supportive professional care for the mother then this program is for you.

Through our newborn baby care service you can rely on us to offer you comprehensive neonatal care and after pregnancy care by a highly trustful, caring and well-trained caregiver. Our caregivers have themselves been mothers and as such are highly experienced in providing newborn baby care and post-delivery care.

  • Educational on feeding, diaper change, and swaddling
  • Child Safety advice
  • Bathing, dressing, diapering and general needs of the baby
  • Establish a sleeping pattern to newborn
  • Helping the child on playtime and activities
  • Scheduling of appointments if there is any (vaccinations, check-ups, and laboratories)
  • Assisting with test and evaluations (if needed)

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