Elderly Nursing Care At Home With Precision and Compassion

In today’s fast-paced world, getting caught up in work is very common, leaving you with less time to spend with your elderly loved ones at home. And we offer to bridge the gap and care for your loved ones in your absence, whether it’s lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, and so on, or old age diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Dementia; our Elderly Home Care Services Experts are trained in to cater to all their needs and Health conditions under prescription.


SALWATY HOME HEALTHCARE (“SHHC”) is a Dubai Health Authority-licensed HOMECARE NURSING COMPANY. We offer a variety of services including elder care/senior care, wound care, Elderly Home Care Services In Dubai, private nursing care, stroke nursing care, dementia nursing care, Alzheimer’s nursing care, and so on.


Our dependable Elderly Home Care Dubai is convenient for the elderly and allows them to recover from diseases in the comfort of their own homes. We provide continuous care to elderly patients suffering from age-related diseases such as cardiac disease, asthma, and diabetes.


Elderly Home Care Services in Dubai | Salwaty Home Healthcare
Elderly Home Care Services in Dubai | Salwaty Home Healthcare


Our skilled nurses have successfully recovered many seniors from critical conditions and returned them to their normal healthy routines. We enjoy what we do, and our main goal is to ensure your seniors’ comfort and to help them live happy and active lives.


SALWATY HOME HEALTHCARE (“SHHC”) provides critical care to patients in their homes. Stay-at-home nursing services enable adults to receive day-to-day support through personal assistance and care. Aside from medical services, assistance includes bathing, grooming, and feeding. Receiving constant attention is critical in medical treatment when dealing with an illness.


Aside from medicine, patients require someone to lift their spirits and inspire them to rediscover their lost strength. Elderly patients may find it difficult to adjust to hospital conditions, leaving them dissatisfied.


Senior Home Care Services allows patients to personalize and customize their treatment based on their comfort, providing a better experience. Each patient’s customization is unique, and it is designed with the patient’s needs in mind. Personalised care and assistance aid the patient’s recovery by providing one-on-one care.


We not only assist your elders in everything they do, but we also work on increasing their self-confidence, for which we have developed appropriate therapies. We understand how important your elders are to you, but due to a hectic schedule, you may miss providing them with the care they deserve, or you may be unsure of what treatment would be best for them.


Elderly Home Care Dubai | Salwaty Home Healthcare
Elderly Home Care Dubai | Salwaty Home Healthcare


We understand how difficult it is for you to understand the needs of the elderly. That is why we accept responsibility for providing your elders with a peaceful recovery experience. With our effective and qualified healthcare staff who have a wide range of experience handling various cases, we are here to provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes from receiving the care you require at your doorsteps.


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